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Chris Brown - Physical Graffiti
Marked by negative press and controversy, Chris Brown somehow still managed to climb back to prominence. After the much-publicized physical altercation involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, three years later in 2012, he was awarded a Grammy for Best R&B Album for his release F.A.M.E. - which he celebrated by telling the haters and naysayers via Twitter to go off and autofornicate.

Along his tumultuous journey, Breezy has acquired an innumerable amount of tattoos - beginning at the young age of 13, when he inked a portrait of Jesus Christ with music notes. When asked about his first encounter with the ink and needle by Giant mag, Brown had this to say: "That first one is basically Jesus with the music notes, signifying he gave me the gift to sing."

Some of his other tats, though, are speculated to represent his mistakes - like the Day of the Dead portrait of the woman on his neck, which some allege is a portrait to match the photos of a disfigured Rihanna after the infamous incident between the two.

"This is not Rihanna's face," the R&B crooner told The Guardian, adding, "I just got a tat. I liked how it looked, so I thought I'd get it done."

Then there are other tattoos, on the other hand, that are more obvious portrayals of the more jovial side of Chris Brown, like the cartoonish figures across his arms. Another aspect about Breezy's life that is accentuated in his vast ink collection is his penchant for graffiti. As a matter of fact, when the Urban Ink cameras caught up with Brown,he was going to work on the outer wall of the 5150 Tattoo & Body Piercing studio - located in North Hollywood - spraying his now-well-known ghouls and goblin-like figures. According to Brown, the colorful monsters on his wall art represent "b***hass n***as and thisb***hass system!" as he proclaimed to his followers on Twitter back in the latter part of the summer of 2013.

Depictions of spray cans and graffiti lettering are scattered across Brown's arms. There's also a self-portrait of the "Love More" singer on his ribcage wearing a respiratory mask, which is what graf artists typically wear while tagging in order to avoid inhaling the aerosol fumes from spray cans.

Other notable tattoos that adorn the singer's frame include the stars on his neck and the Maori piece on his hand, which are alleged to be matching tattoos he got done with Rihanna. He also sports a wolf with a Native American chief feather headdress representing his Pamunkey Tribe lineage.

Another tattoo that garnered some major attention is the rattlesnake on Brown's back - where,instead of the typical rattle, he opted to place a red triangle with the "all-seeing eye" inside. Almost immediately after he showed his followers on Twitter his new tat, the rumor mill began spinning tales of the singer being part of the Illuminati - much like the rumor about Rihanna, who some still allege is part of the secret society. Then there are others who believe that the piece is symbolism for the alleged love triangle between Brown, Rihanna, and Hip-Hopartist, Drake.

Whatever the case may be, when it comes to his tattoo collection, the "Fine China" singer is passionate about his body art and says that every piece is his way of showing us all who the real Chris Brown is - whether it offends you or not.

"A tattoo's a tattoo - it's my body, my skin. So it's just like, this is just me," he explained to The Guardian,adding, "My favorite line is, 'F-ck you.' I like giving the world a big f-ck you. Every tattoo I have is a big f-ck you."

So,yeah... With that said, don't expect the ink to stop dripping or for Breezy to simmer down anytime soon. As of press time, Chris Brown's sixth studio album,titled X, was slated for a December2013 release. This is allegedly Brown's final studio album, as he will now be releasing singles as opposed to LPs, due to the rise in sales for singles and the drop in full-length album sales.

Photos by Pep Williams

Article by Mannie Pendexter

Location:5150 Tattoo & Body Piercing (North Hollywood, CA)

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