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Fame Montalvo - Eminence Ink
Born and raised in a small town called Willimantic in Connecticut, Rene Montalvo (aka Fame) grew up with a love for art. He started drawing as soon as he learned how to pick up a pencil, and as the years went by, his love for art grew. Little did he know that a casual visit to a tattoo shop would lead to a lifetime career.

While in high school, he took art classes to learn more techniques in order to advance his drawing abilities. Fame loved to prove himself, so he competed in numerous drawing contests - he won plenty of them, too. After graduating high school, he was introduced to the art of tattooing when he accompanied a friend to get herfirst tattoo. This new form of art peaked his interest and, due to his artistic background, he felt that it was easy enough to do. 

There was a small shop down the road from Fame's house, so at the age of 18 he went with his sketchbook and, to his surprise, they loved his work. They told him that he had potential and agreed to teach him how to tattoo. On his first week at the job all he did was watch and ask a lot of questions. His mother saw that he was serious about tattooing, so she gave him the money to buy the supplies he needed. That week he did four tattoos.

The apprenticeship did not last as long as he imagined. Sadly, the shop closed without giving him any type of notice. However, his interest did not die there - he kept doing it on his own. He would tattoo two to three times every couple of months for about four years.

All the hard work and determination paid off, and it wasn't long before Fame was tattooing at a professional level.It wasn't an easy task, but he attained it. Now, when Fame looks at his first tattoos, he realizes how much better he's gotten, and even tries to convince his clients to let him touch up his previous work. He has grown to be a perfectionist now that he has been tattooing for ten years - which is the ideal characteristic for someone who works on realism portraits and Japanese work as he does.

He never imagined tattooing as a career and does not see it as a job, but rather more like what he loves to do and what makes him happy. His motivation and influences are his kids - they motivate him to be all he can be to give them a bright future. They have been through a lot dealing with his career. All he wishes is for them to be proud of what he does.

Tattooing has been his therapy. It has helped him out in many ways. He loves being able to meet new people and leave his art on them for the rest of their lives. Fame is also aware of how a tattoo can change somebody's life - even give the wearer motivation. His goals are to keep tattooing, learning more everyday, being able to see the world, and being able to go to more tattoo conventions to meet new people. It has been a long road for Fame. A lot of ups and downs, a lot of sacrifices to get to where he is now, but he had faith that it would all payoff in the end - and seemingly it has.

Eminence Ink

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