United States/?/KENTUCKY/42701
i have been pushing ink for 15 years everyday i learn more about the art i work in the mall in elizabethtown ky at tatu

United States/Dallas/TEXAS/75217
Im a custom tattoo artist that tattoos out of stuck on you tattoos in mesquite, tx still in dallas. Im self taught and i been tattooing for 10 years now.

United States/Macon/GEORGIA/31220
About text is not updated by godsgiftgj

United States/dallas/TEXAS/?
About text is not updated by denishabrown711

United States/Lubbock/TEXAS/79415
Started Tattooing in "1979" Today he is the most requested Tattoo Artist A Legendary Custom Tattoo Artist

United States/Woodbridge /VIRGINIA/22025
Im 20 years old, tattooing for 8 years. love doing american/japenese traditional, photo realism/portraits, black & Grey & custom lettering. It's been a crazy journey can't wait where it takes me next.

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