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Being part of the “Urban Ink Culture” the newest status symbol!
Since 2007 Urban Ink magazine has been the premiere destination for the urban tattooed society. Lil Wayne, Nick Cannon, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Amber Rose, Chad Ocho Cinco, and Chris Brown are literally just a few of the big celebrities that have graced the cover of this high profile, lifestyle magazine and lend their talents to our web world. However, things have just gotten even better.

Urban Ink magazine is now part of Quadra Media and been rebranded in a big way with a complete visual and editorial infusion of new creativity— a tattoo lifestyle magazine celebrating the world of chic living; with features and cover stories focusing on music and Hollywood celebrities, pop culture heavy hitters and the hottest of the up-and-coming tastemakers!

Urban Ink is the only place you’ll find a feature on the newest $1,500 Salvatore Ferragamo sneakers followed by a profile on an upstart world class skateboarder who has just dropped a sick clothing line to a Hollywood power player showing off their latest tattoos.

Every day we hit the screens with profiles on cutting edge fashion, the hottest technology, the trendsetters and the people and places that are making their moves from the streets to the suites. Bang us on your tablet, phone and any other mobile device.

Want to be a part of Urban Ink? We would love to have you. Writers, photographers, bloggers, models anyone who wants to contribute to the UI nation just hit us up at [email protected]
It’s time for you to be part of a new era of Urban Ink.